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Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)
Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)
Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)
Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)
Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)
Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)

Organic Herbal Blend, 10 tea bags, 20g (Special clearance sale)

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Best Before : May 2023

Organic Herbal Blend, [Calming Thoughts], 10 tea bags

> Product of Greece
> Product of Organic Farming
> Handmade product 
> 2g each teabag, 10 biodegradable tea bags


1. Organic Mountain tea
2. Organic Thyme
3. Organic Terragon
4. Organic Lavender


Benefits of Organic Greek Mountain Tea

~ boost and strengthen immune system;
~ traditionally to fight common cold, cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma in Greece;
~ suppress other viruses, allergies, sinus congestion;
~high in anti-oxidants properties to help to detox several vital organs such as liver and kidneys;
~ aid digestion, stomach problem, gastrointestinal problem such as stomach infection, stomach pain, acid reflux and minor heartburns (has natural antimicrobial properties against bacteria);
~ known to help lower blood pressure and help blood vessels to relax;
~ helps to lift up the mood and reduce anxiety problem;
~ increase bone mineral density, maintain good bone health  and preventing bone loss from occurring as we age which will help to avoid osteoporosis, ;
~ rich in iron, helps to protect against anaemia;
~ caffeine-free

Benefits of Organic Lavender

~ calming (great for bedtime tea);
~ improves sleep;
~ reduce cholesterol level;
~ reduce stress & anxiety;
~ anti-oxidants properties that help to eliminate toxins;
~ anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed muscles in the throat and chest, making it easier to breathe;
~ anti-bacterial properties that help to eliminate bacteria that can cause chest colds and congestion. 
~ contain high essential oil and often use to freshen up a variety of personal items from clothes to hair.
~ caffeine-free 

Benefits of Organic Thyme

relief from coughing, sniffles and intestinal problems;
antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-convulsant properties due to which it can be used as a gargle against tonsillitis, laryngitis and other problems of the throat area;
believed to strengthen and stimulate the mind.
~ caffeine-free 

Benefits of Organic Tarragon

~ help to increase appetite;
~ remove toxins from body (especially with high consumption of red meat)
~ act as digestive and  antispasmodic
improves health and mood with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions

About the producer : INONI GREEK ORGANIC HERBS

INONI is by 2 sisters, Renela and Alexia Giannakopoulou, with whom are scientific training and both are concerning the natural environment. The 2 sisters are graduates of the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment of AUTH. Both are also forester and environmentalist.  Alexia has also received her PhD in Active Substances of Pharmaceutical Aromatic Plants. 

Their farmland is situated on a hill of Monopigado, northern Greece, 30km from Thessaloniki, ideal for organic cultivation. The appropriate altitude with a particularly favourable microclimate, as shown by soil analysis and surveys related to the adaptability of aromatic plants to specific conditions, to successfully grow the crops. They aim to offer consumer premium quality products with unique taste. Most importantly, completely free of pesticide, hormones and chemical additives. Also they seek every consumer to understand the importance of the sustainability of natural resources. 

Harvesting is all by hand, reducing carbon footprint to the environment. Harvested herbs are selected carefully before they are sealed in air-tight environment. 



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