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Chrisi Milia - Vinegar

Chrisi Milia - Vinegar

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Chrisi Milia

On the outskirts of Larisa, in Aetolofos, Delis family has been dedicated for generations to the cultivation of apple trees, a perennial tradition in the wider area of Agia.

Chrisi Milia is an agricultural family business that was initially established in the 50’s and in the recent years its entire production is focusing on organic farming. The climate and rich soil composition make the area ideal for the production of a wide range of top quality fresh fruits and nuts, included in the fresh products’ portfolio of Chrisi Milia, available in Greece and abroad.

In 2015, Chrisi Milia shifted to a new era with the construction of a high standard cold storage facility, in a controlled atmosphere, for the benefit of its fresh products and a sophisticated fruit juice processing and cider vinegar production unit.

Chrisi Milia apple cider vinegar is produced by the Orleans method, using exclusively apples of our own production, always with care to detail, respect to family tradition and following best practices that safeguard quality. Chrisi Milia vinegar is a product deriving from the natural fermentation of cider, a process preserving all beneficial enzymes, trace elements, pectin, vitamins and metals and thus, making it one of the most nutritional and functional foods. It is a 100% organic, unfiltered and non-pasteurised product, with ideal acidity and without containing sulphites or other additives.



1. Apple Cider Vinegar, 500ml


2. Balsamic Apple Cider Vinegar, 500ml

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