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[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯

[Gift] Organic Greek Herbal Tea 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯

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Benefits of Organic Rose Tea (Out-of-Stock)
~ boost immune system;
~ fight inflammation;
~ boost digestion, excellent in weight control;
~ rich in anti-oxidant;
~ reduce menstrual cramp;
~ improves skin and hair health due to its anti-oxidants properties;
~ help good bacteria to grow in digestive track;
~ help to soothe diarrohea;
~ remedy for relieve constipation;

~ caffeine-free

Benefits of Organic Sage Tea
~ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
~ promote skin-cell growth, promote good skin, anti-aging and decrease wrinkle formation;
~ clear bad breathe, promote oral health;
~ anti-bacterial and help to heal wound;
~ improves blood sugar control;
~ promote brain health, improves mood and reduce nauseas;
~ help in sore-throat;
~ help in digestion;
~ improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels which potentially decrease heart disease;
~ caffeine-free;

Benefits of Lemon Verbena Tea

~ relieve indigestion;
~ relieve heartburn;
~tonify digestive tract;
~ soothe anxiety;
~ helpful in insomnia;
~ curb craving for snacks, promote fat burning, stimulates the breakdown of cellulite;
~ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties;
~ helps to loosen up mucus, phlegm, clear congestion in the respiratory tracts;
~ caffeine-free

Benefits of Organic Peppermint Tea
relieves headache caused by stress or poor diet;
~ opens up constricted blood vessels which indirectly relief headaches;
~ clear sinus;
~ soothe upset stomach, gas, heartburn, cramps, indigestion
~ improve mental clarity;
~ helps to reduce stress and anxiety;
~ clear sinus;
~ anti-inflammation properties that can soothe your ulcer pain and encourage healing;
~ reduce bad breathe;
~ caffeine-free; 


Benefits of Chamomile Tea

~ soothe anxiety;
~ helpful in insomnia;
~ help sooth gastrointestinal infections, flatulence, and diarrhoea.
~ anti-inflammatory;
~ soothe headache;
sniffles and boosts the immune system;
~ caffeine-free

Benefits of Rosemary Tea

~ improves memory and concentration;
helps with digestion, against flatulence and anorexia;
~ it is a stimulator of the circulatory system, it is used against lassitude and exhaustion;
~ anti-bacterial properties that can help fight common cold,  coughing and bronchitis;
~ caffeine-free

Benefits of Thyme Tea

~ relief from coughing, sniffles and intestinal problems;
antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-convulsant properties due to which it can be used as a gargle against tonsillitis, laryngitis and other problems of the throat area;
believed to strengthen and stimulate the mind.
~ caffeine-free 

Benefits of Oregano Tea

~ high in anti-oxidant;
traditionally used as an infusion against menstrual cramps ;
strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and as such, it can strengthen the immune system.
used against chronic or acute bronchitis and chesty coughs.
~  ease digestion and constipation.
~ caffeine-free 

Honeymill Lavender Honey, 375g (Product of France)

Honeymill Pure Lavender Honey is made with nectar collected by bees from Lavender flowers in France. Lavender Honey has a flowery taste and delicate Lavender aroma. Given the distinct taste of this honey, the preference for it could be subjected to each. Crystallisation rate of Lavender Honey is fast. When that happens, place the honey bottle in warm water bath, and stir the crystallised honey until the honey crystals soften. Crystallisation is a natural process of honey.

About the producer : Aroma Farms

Aroma Farms, a family-owned organic farm located in the village of Ancient Olympia, Greece. A small producer producing high quality organic herbs that are sustainable, care about the environment and practices all the traditional herbs farming. Ensuring that they play a part in reducing carbon footprint, all the organic herbs are hand harvested from the best part of the plant at their optimal time and are hand picked the best to give the best flavours and aromas to enjoy as a tea.

The organic farms works very closely with agronomist-researcher Dr. Theodoros Koutsos, ex head of the Section of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in NAGREF and run regular analysis on their products in ELGO DEMETER and agricultural universities to ensure the excellent quality of our herbs.