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[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯
[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯

[Gift] Organic Rose 🌹 + Lavender Honey 🍯

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Benefits of Organic Rose Tea
~ boost immune system;
~ fight inflammation;
~ boost digestion, excellent in weight control;
~ rich in anti-oxidant;
~ reduce menstrual cramp;
~ improves skin and hair health due to its anti-oxidants properties;
~ help good bacteria to grow in digestive track;
~ help to soothe diarrohea;
~ remedy for relieve constipation;

~ caffeine-free

Read more about benefits of Rose tea here

How to enjoy our Organic Rose Tea
~ steep our dried rose petals in hot water for 3-5minutes
~ add honey for sweetening
~ the colour of rose tea does not turn red, it has a light and gentle hue of tea colour with a gentle rose aroma that lingers in your mouth. 

Honeymill Lavender Honey, 375g (Product of France)

Honeymill Pure Lavender Honey is made with nectar collected by bees from Lavender flowers in France. Lavender Honey has a flowery taste and delicate Lavender aroma. Given the distinct taste of this honey, the preference for it could be subjected to each. Crystallisation rate of Lavender Honey is fast. When that happens, place the honey bottle in warm water bath, and stir the crystallised honey until the honey crystals soften. Crystallisation is a natural process of honey.

About the producer : Aroma Farms

Aroma Farms, a family-owned organic farm located in the village of Ancient Olympia, Greece. A small producer producing high quality organic herbs that are sustainable, care about the environment and practices all the traditional herbs farming. Ensuring that they play a part in reducing carbon footprint, all the organic herbs are hand harvested from the best part of the plant at their optimal time and are hand picked the best to give the best flavours and aromas to enjoy as a tea.

The organic farms works very closely with agronomist-researcher Dr. Theodoros Koutsos, ex head of the Section of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in NAGREF and run regular analysis on their products in ELGO DEMETER and agricultural universities to ensure the excellent quality of our herbs.