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Casserole Serveware & Krokos Kozanis Organic Greek Red Saffron, Powder (U.P $90.00)

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Organic Greek Red Saffron In Powder, 1g, 4 sachets x 0.25g

Premium Organic Saffron powdered, packaged in Greece

Category I, Organic, ISO certified

Unit : 4 x 0.25g

PDO Certified

  AgroCert Organic Farming  physiologike

Halal Certified

Rustic Collections, by Luzerne

Rustic Casserole handcrafted designs serveware , pure expression of ceramic craftsmanship. A warm and earthy complementing to homestyle cooking.

  • L168mm x S134mm x H75mm x 485ml (including handles)
  • Highly resistant to extreme temperatures,

  • Chip and scratch resistant for the rigours of daily use,

  • safe to use in commercial dishwashers, freezers, conventional ovens an microwave ovens.
  • Raw materials free of heavy metals (i.e lead and cadmium), non-toxic to both the environment and human health,

  • non-porous and hygienic, non-absorption of grease, odours or bacteria,

  • does not contain bone ash or any animal products, suitable for everyone, even those with religious and animal welfare concerns,

  • Certified halal, Luzerne's factory was the 1st ceramics production facility in the world to attain Halal certification.