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About Herbal Tea

Herbal tea with tea leaves

  1. What is Herbal tea

    Herbal tea, while not actually a “tea” despite its name, is a tisane of infusion or medicinal drink. Unlike tea that is brewed from tea leaves that contain caffeine, herbal tea is steeped from the stems, leaves, roots, flowers, bark, or any other part of the plant and is caffeine-free.

  2. Greek people & herbal tea

    The Greeks have a long history of using herbs not only for cooking purposes, but as a beverage or a way to treat their everyday ailments. Their climate is ideal for growing herbs, which are found growing wild on mountainsides, green meadows and in the home gardens, which could be a reason for how herbal tea came to be a popular choice.

  3. Benefits of herbal tea

    The Father of Medicine and Greek Physician, Hippocrates, often used herbs in his medical practice. Depending on the herb that you brew, they offer different medicinal effects. Hippocrated noted Greek households brew chamomile for its calming effects, and sage for its medicinal properties. Mountain tea, a tea that was made prominent in an episode of Netflix’s show, Blue Zone, is known for its immune-boosting qualities, while lemon verbena added a zesty touch to traditional remedies.

  4. When to consume herbal tea*

    Herbal tea can be consumed for pleasure, but they are often used as a common remedy for those seeking to reduce their stress or manage their anxiety naturally.


*Herbal tea should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have specific allergies or take medication that may have reactions to herbal tea, avoid them immediately.





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