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Conversations with ACU Aeghion


In our third installation of speaking to our Greek producers, we are proud to introduce the ACU Aeghion, a collective that represents farmers all situated around the town of Aeghion at the Northern Peloponnese. We hear from Nikos Mermigkas, who is the spokesperson for Farmers Unions – Vostizza.

Q: When was the cooperative first incorporated and why? 

A: ACU Aeghion was established in 1935 to develop a stronger presence for the promotion of the local agricultural products.  

Q: How many farmers are part of the cooperative and where are they mostly situated in Greece? 

A: The network accounts for 6,000 growers-members – all situated around the town of Aeghion in the Northern Peloponnese. 

Q: Can you share what are the products that most of the farmers in the cooperative currently harvest?

A: The main products cultivated in our area are Black Corinthian Currants “Vostizza PDO”, Sultanas and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Q: What are some of the common goals that the cooperative has for Greece in 2024?

A: To spread our unique, high quality products worldwide and awareness of our union while embracing the values of solidarity, justice, goodness and wholeness.

For more information on the collective and their products, do visit the following websites:



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