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About Greek Mountain Tea

Greek mountain tea, "Sideritis scardic" (translated as 'he who is made of iron') also known as ironwortmountain tea and shepherd's tea and has been enjoyed for 1,000 years for its pharmaceutical properties and biological activties that are beneficial to our human bodies.

It has a high phyto-nutrient content that protects it from UV rays and other elements, usually grows in rocky places at an altitude of 1,000 metres and above."Sideritis" which in Greek means "iron" because it was considered a herb capable of healing wounds resulting from iron weapons during battles. It is indigenous in the Mediterranean zone, especially in the mountainous Greek lands. It has been traditionally used to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and suppress common cold,  flu and other viruses, allergies, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, even pain and mild anxiety. It has high level of anti-oxidant and large amount of essential oils, flavonoids, iron and other phytonutrients. The herbs is typically dried before usage.

In recent years, based on laboratory analysis, there is a connection between the consumption of the plant extract of Sideritis (mountain tea) with our Central Nervous System (CNS), which means that regular drinking of it may prevent or combat the disorders caused by anxiety, depression and  degeneration of brain cells (Alzheimer's disease). 

It is also one of the few herbs that have no contradictions nor side-effects due to over consumption, making it an excellent choice to enjoy safely be it cold or hot to warm or refreshing our body and shielding our health.
Greek mountain tea has been part of the mediterranean diet for centuries, they are very popular in Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. 
Other benefits of Greek Mountain Tea


The flower is rich in essential oil which gives its natural anti-oxidants properties that help to fight free-radicals. Other anti-oxidants properties include flavonoids,  aglycones, chlorogenic acid  (cancer preventing compound), verbascoside (anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial) and many others. The flavonoids is believed to be able to inhibit a specific receptor in the human brain.

Boost immune system

This herb has shown to have potent anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant qualities. It helps to boost the immune system. It is believe that drinking two to three cups of mountain tea every day is thought to help prevent or fight flu symptoms and stress-related ailments such as chest infections, a foggy head, digestive complaints, fatigue and anxiety.  It is also known that the tea is a mild pain killer and with its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a remedy to fight cold, aches, allergies, respiratory issues and boost immune system.

Help to improve digestive system

Phenols and anti-oxidants found naturally in the plant help reduce inflammation in gastrointestinal disorders. It helps to reduce toxicity in the body over a period of time and indirectly help to improve digestive health. Regular consumption of Greek mountain tea aid stomach and gastrointestinal problem such as stomach infection, stomach pain, acid reflux and minor heartburns. 

Help improve brain health / improve memory

 It has natural anti-microbial properties against bacteria. It also helps improve memory skills and help anxiety.  It does prevent and even potentially reducing the deposits of plague in the brain.

Reduce blood pressure

Drinking mountain tea on regular basis helps lower blood pressure and relaxed blood vessels. Dialation shown this in turn reduced stress on the heart muscle and pressure. This could also explain the herbs incredibly relaxing properties.

Build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis

It is high in iron that helps to fight anemia, strengthening bones, build new bone cells, maintain good bone health and prevent bone loss occur when we age. 

Reduce stress, anxiety, fight depression

The tea has a high concentration of serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine which are known to help fight anxiety, depression. 

 Greek Mountain Tea is caffeine-free and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.