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All About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As you stroll through your neighbourhood supermarket aisle, you’ve probably noticed the different types of cooking oil that’s available. From plant based to animal based oils, there is a wide range to choose from, and all with their own varying benefits. Olive oil has become increasingly sought after for its versatility in cooking or simply as a dressing. This can be attributed to its distinct flavour and its heat-stability when it comes to cooking. Olive oil is also listed as a main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet that has many benefits for the heart, eyes, and brain.


Difference between regular olive oil and extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil, as compared to regular olive oil, is the least processed form of olive oil. This helps it retain its natural antioxidants and vitamins, which are often lost when processed as the oil is cleaned with chemicals and then heated to prolong its shelf life. Compared to regular olive oil, unprocessed extra virgin olive oil tastes slightly fruity, peppery and a bitter aftertaste.



Benefits of having extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols, an antioxidant, such as oleacein and oleocanthal.

  • A natural anti-inflammatory substance
  • Reduces the risk of thrombosis
  • Protection from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Causes death of cancer cells
  • Inhibits the growth of breast & prostate cancer

  • Protection against red cell protection
  • Protects cells from aging
  • Possibly protects against the worsening of plaque sclerosis
  • Reduces the progression of atherosclerosis, a cause of stroke or heart attack

According to one study by JACC Journals, people who consume more than half a tablespoon of olive oil per day have a 19% lower chance of dying from heart disease than those who rarely or never have olive oil. 

Drinking/consuming extra virgin olive oil
There have been recent trends where we see individuals chug a shot of olive oil in the morning to boost their immunity. A tablespoon of olive oil is approximately 119 calories, and a shot (which consists of 3 tablespoons) will chock up to 357 extra calories to your daily intake. For those who are not used to consuming oil as is, the notion of having a shot can be daunting. Coupled with the additional calories that comes with it, this trend is definitely not for everyone. If you are starting to look into improving your overall health, we recommend the Arkas High Polyphenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a dietary supplement that they take daily. All it takes is a teaspoon a day and you’ll get the same amount of benefits as a shot of olive oil, minus the calories!


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