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About Sage

Sage is commonly used for cooking, it can also be consumed as tea. Sage which is a plant that is from the mint family.  Sage tea is made from the dried leaves of common sage.  The leaves are rich in anti-oxidant compounds such ellagic acid and rosmarinic acid.  It is commonly known that sage tea helps increase relaxation, ease symptoms of menopause, high in antioxidants, sooth sore throat, protects heart health.

Other good benefits of Sage

Anti-inflammation & Anti-Oxidant 
Sage tea contain high anti-oxidants and it help to neutralize harmful compounds called free radicals. Particularly high in rosmarinic acid which help to decrease inflammation and blood sugar levels. Contain fair amount of Vitamin K and which is essential for bone health, circulation, and proper blood clotting

Help to promote healthy skin
Drinking sage tea potentially help to promote healthy skin-cell growth, slow signs of aging, and decrease wrinkle formation

Promote oral health
Helps to reduce pain, inflammation, and bad breath, as well as exerts antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Some mouth wash added sage to help anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria property.

Improves blood sugar control
Sage is a frequent ingredient in alternative blood sugar medications, which can help to improve blood sugar levels and prevent or treat type 2 diabetes.

Improve mood and brain health
It is commonly used as alternative medicine to boost mood, improve memory, and help prevent brain-related disorders like Alzheimer’s. Studies found that simply smelling the aroma of this herb boost mood.

Sage tea is caffeine-free and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

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