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Conversations with Vicki Gotsi - Porcini Forest Mushroom


Western Macedonia is known as one of the best habitats for growing mushrooms in Europe. The Porcini Forest Mushroom company, who work with a network of foragers to gather wild mushrooms and truffle in the region, have over two decades under their belt in this trade. We speak to Vicki, whose family started the Porcini Forest Mushroom, on her take of Northern Greece.

Q: Tell me more about your brand/what you do
A: Our brand was created in 1998 out of our love for nature and its invaluable treasures.

When it is the season for mushroom picking, our foragers handpick, clean & cut them before it makes its way to our warehouse to be processed and then separated into qualities for packaging.

Q: What does your day-to-day work life look like?
A: Other than the creation of our soon-to-be-announced new products, our day-to-day involves a tedious process of quality check on our products. We strive to offer the best quality to be prepared and sent to our customers on time.


Q: Do you have your favourite product from your brand?
A: I have to admit that I overindulge in a particular product and then switch to another one every few months. Recently I am using our black truffle oil quite often.

Image credit: https://www.greecetravelsecrets.com/things-to-do-in-volos/

Q: What is your favourite place in Greece
A: I love the combination of having both the sea and the mountains, and one such place is Volos, a city further north from the Athens. Volos has an amazing history too as Jason of the Argonauts started his journey from there and the mountain is called Pelio where according to mythology the centaurs used to live. Pelio offers great views of Volos and the sea and has many small picturesque villages that are worth visiting.

Image credit: ​​http://www.mygreekodyssey.com/2020/02/26/a-taste-of-greece-sarmadakia/

Q: What is one food that you’ll recommend to someone visiting Greece?
A: For a first-timer in Greece, I'd definitely recommend the sarmadakia , which is a traditional Christmas dish, (fermented cabbage leave wraps filled with mince, rice & herbs).

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