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About Us

It all begins when we realise options for caffeine-free beverages are limited in most food places.

This is where we begin to explore the world of herbal tea / tisane tea and the Mediterranean wellness, which has been known to have given their people good health and longevity.  Their diet is known to be high in vegetable, nutritionally balanced, full of colour, flavour and textures using lots of herbs and spices instead of salt in seasoning.  It is also known that herbal infusions have been used for generations in Greece and the Mediterranean region as natural remedies to ease ailments and boost the immune system. 

Greece being a Mediterranean country, is blessed with abundance of wild herbs, flowers that are rare and unique in its taste and potency, thanks to its mediterranean climate and geological formation.

In Botana&Tea, we see ourselves as the bridge, connecting the Mediterranean to the Tropic.            

We believe good produce encapsulate healthy body and healthy mind. 
Mediterranean wellness in everyday life. 

We all know that as we are beneficent towards Nature, it becomes beneficent toward us - Xenophon (430-354BC), Historian, Mercenary and Philosopher