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Conversations with Tabaris Ioannis - Chrisomelo


During this year’s Greek Expo, we have had the pleasure of travelling to the Mountainous Nafpaktia region to visit Chrisomelo. As we spent time with the team and CEO Tabaris Ioannis, we asked him about Chrisomelo and what Greece means to him. Here is what he has to say.

Q: Tell me more about Chrisomelo

A: Chrisomelo is a Greek company founded by the apiarists Tamparis Ioannis and Nikiforou Chrisothemi.  We produce a wide variety of Greek honey, blossom’s pollen and royal jelly. 

In the Greece we are sold in 300 locations ranging from luxurious hotels to restaurants such as Great Britain, Hilton, Dionysos Zonar's and Auto Grill.

Q: What does your day-to-day work life look like?

A: We communicate daily with our current and upcoming new customers, providing high-quality service to those we currently work with and creating quality marketing for our products. We hope this will help consumers get to know us better and have a higher regard for our products.



Q: What is your favourite product from Chrisomelo?

A: Personally I love oak honey. Oak honey is filled with antioxidant qualities and is characterized as a high-nutritional honey. It has a spicy smell, strong taste, thick texture and warm chestnut chocolate wise color.

We travel to our bee-hives in Mountainous Nafpaktia in order to collect unique and rare varieties of honey. I believe in all our honey quality equally, but our best selling specialty honeys are thyme honey, fir honey, heather honey, orange honey and pine honey.

Q: What is your favourite place in Greece

A: I now live permanently in Messinia. It is a sunny area, with fantastic beaches and one of the most famous Greek mountains, Taygetos. I also really love the capital of Greece, Athens, which was where I was born and raised. It is famous for the Acropolis and the beautiful Thessaloniki. 

Q: What is one food that you’ll recommend to someone visiting Greece?

A: Every city, every village of Greece has excellent and delicious local recipes. When you visit Greece, you should definitely try the famous Greek salad (village salad), the Greek moussaka, the famous Greek souvlaki - gyro with tzatziki and potatoes, the traditional Greek dolmadakia and seafood. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the traditional galaktoboureko, the traditional diples with honey and walnuts, the Greek baklava and walnut pie.

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