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Conversations with Dominik Brun - Wisdom of Nature


At the northeastern part of the Peloponnese in Greece is Nemea, a significant winemaking region. But other than wine, Wisdom of Nature is tending to their grapevines for another product. We hear more from Dominik Brun, the Sales and Marketing Manager of the brand to hear more about their story.


Q: Tell me more about your brand/what you do

A: We are a family owned business based in Nemea on the Peloponnese in Greece. Nemea is an important wine region famous for the grape variety Agiorgitiko. We produce organic balsamic vinegar directly from our own grapes. Other than Agiogitiko, we use indigenous varieties such as Roditis. We don’t use any artificial additives or preservatives, which is why all our products are organic certified and of the highest quality.



Q: What does your day-to-day work life look like?

A: We have the work rhythm of a winemaker, even though we don’t make wine. We start with pruning our vines in the winter, tend to the vineyards in the spring and summer and harvest starts in September and October. Then we make vinegar directly from the grapes. We make two types of vinegar, one that is aged in to become balsamic vinegar, and the other we add fruits, berries or herbs to produce aromatic vinegar. 


Q: What is your favourite product from Wisdom of Nature?

A: Our balsamic vinegar goes very well with aged cheeses or Mediterranean salads. Aside from using it as a vinaigrette, we use it to make ceviche or to caramelize onions. 


Q: What is your favourite place in Greece

A; The best place is where our manufacturing house is on the hill overlooking the vineyards of Nemea. It is very quiet and surrounded by vineyards. The quiet surrounding is filled with foxes, falcons and other animals living around us. 



Q: What is one Greek food that you’ll recommend?

A: Our region is famous for roasted pork but also chicken cooked in a red wine sauce.

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