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Celebrating Lunar New Year in Botana & Tea Style

Aside from the festive music playing on loop indoors, another indication that everyone is gearing up for the Lunar New Year festivities is the spring-cleaning preparations that are underway. With reunion dinners and annual visitings starting next week, we foresee many of us will be indulging in especially decadent meals and snacks that are often rich, and high in calories. To help regulate a spike in your food intake this period, here are some beverages that we recommend for you to pair your meals and snacks with.


Lunar New Year visitations often take on the form of groups of families and friends gathering and catching up in the host’s home. Being in a space together for long means that if someone is unwell, the chances of it being spread to those around is high. As a prevention, we encourage you to have a cup of Mountain Tea daily during this period, which is traditionally used to fight the common cold and cough in Greece.


 Being at gatherings make for a good opportunity to snack on the seasonal pineapple tarts, bak kwa, and love letters. But snacking on them more than what you should could cause indigestion. As a tea pairing for these decadent treats, make your own Hyssop tea, or have a sachet of Krocus Kozanis saffron tea in Mint & Lemongrass or Sage & Lemon Verbana flavour. These tea blends are known to aid in indigestion.

Lunar New Year is a joyous occasion and a good time of bonding with family and loved ones, something that is integral to the Mediterranean lifestyle as well. As we allow ourselves to let loose during this festive season, let’s also remember to take everything in moderation, to ensure we stay well and healthy for as long as possible. For more of our recommendations for the Lunar New Year celebration, check out our collection here.



Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

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