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Herbal tea blend [Immunity Booster Tea]


[Immune booster herbal tea🍵] - Caffeine-free

🙋‍♀️ We get really creative, because creativity has no boundaries! We decided to mix some of our organic Greek herbs and make them into excellent immune booster tea. And is caffeine-free too. 😋

Ingredient 🌱🌿🌾: Organic Greek Mountain Tea, Organic Lavender, Organic Greek red saffron [option of stigma or powder]

Make them anytime of the day and drink them to boost your immunity. 😋


When can you drink this?

When you feel low in energy and needed a boost in your immune system. All the herbs are high in anti-oxidants, help in anti-inflammation contain lots of vitamins and mineral, from both herbs and saffron. All ingredients are organic and are available from our online store. Try them and let us know. 

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