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Organic Lavender Tea [Calming & Relax Tea]

Lavender lover, hear this out. 📢  You can drink lavender as tea using lavender flower buds.💡🍵.

💡promotes better sleep, improves skin, relaxes mind, and can even help sooth upset stomach. 💤 💆🏻

💡💯 caffeine-free;
💡calming & relax tea, excellent for bedtime tea💆🏻 🍵 👍🏻

Ingredients :
1️⃣ Organic Lavender [INONI Greek Organic Herbs] 🇬🇷
2️⃣ Hot water
 Steep : 3-5 mins [max], will taste bitter if steep too long.
🙅🏻 : Light tea colour, NOT  purple colour. 🔍

Beauty tips 💆🏻💡 : refill and keep some to rinse your face.

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